Need new tires?

West End Auto carries a full line of tires from the most respected tire manufacturers, but let us know if there is a specific brand that you are looking for. If your tires are worn or unsatisfactory, consider purchasing and installing new ones through us.

Worn tires heat up more quickly, puncture more easily, and take on roads less effectively. Proper working tires are vitally important for safe driving. In fact, your tires are the only part of your vehicle that is always in contact with the road. We understand the importance of tires. Our expertise and latest wheel service equipment allows us to provide the best tire for your vehicle.

Tire Purchase & Installation Basics

When tires are completely worn or unable to meet a driver’s needs, tire purchase and installation usually follows. The specific reasons why a motorist might want to purchase new tires when the current set of tires isn’t worn will vary.

A vehicle towing heavy weight will need tires with a high load rating. If a vehicle is driven in an area with consistent heavy rain, the driver might prefer to purchase new tires that offer a better traction rating.

During our tire purchase and installation service, our service staff will conduct a thorough investigation of your driving needs to help guarantee the best possible set of tires for your vehicle. Once a driver purchases new tires, they will need to be correctly installed on the vehicle.