Having trouble turning or steering at low speeds? Engine overheating, noisy or have a dead battery?

The serpentine belt may be the culprit. A visual inspection of the belt is the best way to determine if it needs to be replaced. A failed serpentine belt will stop powering the water pump, resulting in an overheated engine. Steering your vehicle also becomes impossible without a functioning serpentine belt.    

If you believe your serpentine belt needs to be replaced, please contact West end Auto.

Serpentine Belt Basis

The serpentine belt powers peripheral processes in the engine compartment, like the power steering pump, water pump, cooling fan, air conditioner, and alternator. The serpentine belt receives its name from the snake-like path it takes through the various steering and electrical components it powers. Belt tension also plays an important role in serpentine belt maintenance. A properly tensioned belt helps promote long belt life while ensuring that all components are not overloaded or strained during operation.

Serpentine belts are tough, built to sustain years of continued and heavy use, but they do have a natural life projected by every manufacturer. Periodic inspections of your serpentine belt will help prevent breakdowns, though replacing your serpentine belt is a natural part of overall car maintenance.