Are your power windows acting strange or no longer responding correctly to their controls?

Let the friendly staff at West End Auto fix your faulty power windows and get you back on the road in comfort again!Power windows are important to letting air into your vehicle on a hot day, convenient if driving through a toll booth or drive-thru and highly inconvenient when they aren’t working.

We know the different components that make a power window system work, and we have the right tools to repair the window lift motor, gears, regulator, and other components of the power window system. We’ll work to get your windows working again. When your windows start acting strange, don’t wait!

Power Window Basics

Power windows were introduced in 1940 and have become a standard feature in most modern cars, trucks, and SUVs. Older window systems relied on the occupants to manually crank the window open or closed. Power windows are controlled with the simple push of a button or flip of a switch. Because power windows rely on electricity to work, most are inoperable once a vehicle stops running.

Some power windows now feature a time delay that allows drivers and passengers to continue operating the windows for a short amount of time after the engine stops. Because power windows are easy to trigger, most vehicles also feature a safety lock that drivers can use to prevent other passengers—such as small children—from erroneously opening or closing the windows. Overall, power windows are a convenient feature motorists enjoy.