Power locks on the fritz?

Please bring your vehicle in so our staff can repair your power locks. Our staff understands an unsecured car or truck can be dangerous or prone to theft or vandalism.

Faulty locks can provide thieves with opportunity and increase the likelihood of injury in the unfortunate event of an accident. Fortunately, our staff is equipped with the right tools for repairing a central locking system. We will look over the relay system that activates the power locks and repair or replace the faulty components for you.

Power Locks Basics

Power door locks have increased convenience and safety for drivers and passengers since their introduction in 1914. Doors equipped with power locks may respond to multiple control methods. In most modern cars, a driver need only push a button on a vehicle’s remote key fob to lock or unlock all of its doors at once.

The central locking system can also be switched on or off from buttons located in the front of the vehicle near the driver and passenger side. Power vehicle locks are especially useful when multiple passengers need access to a vehicle at one time. They also provide safety, allowing drivers and passengers to quickly secure themselves inside the vehicle. For these reasons, power locks continue to be a standard feature in most vehicles today.