Having a hard time controlling your car’s climate? Is coolant pooling under your vehicle?

It might be time to check your hoses. A hose that leaks means your heating system is not effectively heating your vehicle and the cooling system doesn’t have a proper supply of coolant. Leaky heater hoses can cause your engine to overheat, so periodic inspection is important.

The technicians at West End Auto can periodically inspect your hoses and determine when to replace them.

Heater Hose Basics

Heater hoses play a crucial role in a vehicle’s heating system, which operates in conjunction with the cooling system. Running engines produce a tremendous amount of heat that needs to be transferred away from the engine to prevent overheating and subsequent breakdowns.

Heater hoses, made of durable rubber, are responsible for carrying coolant to prevent overheating. Coolant or antifreeze flows through the engine, absorbs the excess heat, and carries the heat away from the engine.

More specifically, heater hoses are responsible for transferring coolant away from the engine to the heater core, where the warm air can be blown inside the compartment of your vehicle by engaging the adjacent fan. Heater fans blow through the heater core to heat the vehicle and cool the antifreeze inside of it. The hoses transfer the coolant back into the path of the cooling system at a lower temperature so the coolant can continue to regulate consistent temperatures inside the engine. When the heater hoses near the end of their useful life, they will become hard and brittle or soft and mushy.