Are your brakes squealing? Do you hear a grinding noise when stopping?

Your brakes probably need to be serviced. Front disc brakes wear out more quickly than rear brakes because they provide most of the vehicle’s stopping power. If you are hearing squealing noises when stopping, it could be worn brake pads. Grinding noises while stopping indicate your rotors are the problem.

If the brake pedal shakes while engaged, it could also indicate bad rotors. If you can’t brake in a straight line, it could be a bad a caliper or uneven brake pad wear due to uneven pressure in the brake lines.

West End Auto can take all the guess work out of determining the problem, replace and realign what needs to be changed and restore your peace of mind.

Front Disc Brake Basics

In modern vehicle braking systems, disc brakes are used in both the front and rear of the vehicle. Front disc brake systems contain brake pads, calipers, rotors, and hydraulic components. In a disc brake system, the rotor is mounted to the wheel hub, and calipers are responsible for squeezing the brake pads against the disc in order to slow the speed of the turning rotor and bring the vehicle to a complete stop.

Because front disc brake systems convert kinetic energy into heat, ventilation slots, holes, or vanes are necessary for expelling heat from the brake system. While the brake pads are designed to withstand heat, excessive amounts of heat still damage the pads along with other disc brake components.

Brake systems using disc brakes are known to possess strong stopping power. Like all brake systems, however, disc brakes will wear over time. This is why routine maintenance is extremely important.