Do you seem to be low on antifreeze?

The cooling system might need to be check into. Significantly low coolant levels may mean you have a leak in the system or the engine is running too hot. Driving your car on old engine coolant is a leading cause of cooling system failure. Check your antifreeze levels often, but be sure to wait until the engine is completely cool to do so.

The West End Auto staff can drain the antifreeze from the radiator, flush the cooling system and add new antifreeze to the radiator.

Cooling System Basics

Your vehicle’s cooling system helps maintain a constant internal temperature. The engine converts fuel into heat energy, which increases the internal temperature of the engine compartment. If an engine overheats, major damage to various components can occur, costing significant time and money to repair. Cold engines are less efficient than warm engines and are more prone to pollution.

Antifreeze, used in cooling systems, is made of ethylene glycol and water and used to regulate the engine’s temperature. The coolant needs to withstand cold temperatures without freezing and hot temperatures without boiling. Antifreeze also prevents corrosion and lubricates engine components as it helps regulate constant engine temperature.