There are a lot of automotive shops that offer a free check engine light diagnostic. Be careful to not be misled by that service. The free reading just tells you part of the story. The check engine light indicates that something is malfunctioning, but a wrong diagnosis can lead to costly part replacement that may not be necessary.

At West End Auto, we treat your car’s check engine light with the same thorough approach that our technicians perform with our other service and repairs. The reading is used to verify the code that provoked the check engine light. The code indicates a problem on a particular circuit. West End Auto will not recommend or sell you a part unless your car absolutely needs it.

We do a thorough inspection along with the computer analysis to detect the cause of the problem and minimize the expense of your repairs. Your car is loaded with wires, sensors and computers. The check engine light indicates a problem, and problems are not resolved without attention. If the root cause of the check engine light is not accurately diagnosed, the problem will reappear, sending you back to the automotive shop.

Allow West End Auto to save you time by doing the diagnostic check correctly the first time.