Is your brake pedal vibrating when you’re trying to stop?

Your brake rotors might need to be replaced. Brake pads and rotors share similar wear patters as they work together to stop your vehicle.

When a rotor is removed from the brake assembly, the rotor will be inspected for cracks and other damage incurred during routine operation. Periodic inspections of rotors will prolong rotor repairs and replacements while ensuring your brake system continues operating as expected.

The service intervals for your brake rotors are indicated in your owner’s manual, or as wear and tear dictates and is an important part of brake maintenance. If you are wondering if a rotor replacement is right for your vehicle, please ask one of the West End Auto technicians today.

Brake Rotor Basics

The brake rotors, in conjunction with the brake pads, help bring your vehicle to a complete stop.

Commonly made of cast iron, rotors are discs mounted to the wheel hub. When you press the brake pedal, the brake pads compress against the rotors and slow your wheels.

Rotor design vary from vehicle to vehicle and brake system to brake system. Variations in design help dissipate the heat created between the brake pads and the rotors when you slow your vehicle.

Disc brake systems can account for heat dissipation in two ways: either the rotors will have a ventilated design, or the brake pads will contain a slot on the surface. These vents and slots provide passages so air circulation can effectively cool the rotor. Proper heat dissipation is extremely important for prolonging the life of your rotors. Drivers are encouraged to watch their brake rotors and seek rotor repairs or rotor replacements when necessary.